MXT-7-180 Specifications
Engine, LycomingO360-C1F
Gross Weight2500 Lbs.
Empty Weight (Avg)1438 Lbs.
Useful Load (Avg.)1062 Lbs.
Stall Speed (Full flaps / Lt. Weight)40 MPH
Take Off, Ground Roll (Lt. Weight)300 Ft.
Take off at gross over 50' Obstacle600 Ft.
Rate of climb, Initial (Lt. Weight)1200 FPM
Land at gross over 50' Obstacle500 Ft.
Service Ceiling15,000 Ft.
Fuel Consumption (65% Power)(Avg)9 GPH
Cruise (75% Power / Opt. Alt.)(TAS)145 MPH

**Please note that these should not be used for flight planning. These are merely guidelines.**

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