M7-260 Constant Speed Oleo Gear
Engine: LycomingI0-540-V4A5
Wing Span32' 11"
Wing Area165.6 SQ. FT.
Length23' 6"
Height6' 4"
Cabin Width42"
Configuration5 Place
Gross Weight2,500 Lbs.
Fuel Capacity (Useable)73 Gal.
Stall Speed (Full Flaps, 1 Person ½ Fuel)40 MPH
Take Off (1 Person, ½ Fuel)250'
Rate of Climb, Initial (1 Person, ½ Fuel)1500 - 1650 FPM (Depending On Prop)
Land @ Gross Over 50' Obstacle600'
Service Ceiling20,000'
Fuel Consumption (65% POWER)14 GPH
Cruise (75% Power @ Opt. Alt.)168 MPH
Flap Settings-7°, 0°, 24°, 40°, 48°

**Please note that these should not be used for flight planning. These are merely guidelines.**

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