Used Aircraft

Welcome to our Used Aircraft section! We always have clean, reliable, and refurbished Maules to choose from. Visit this page often, as our listings will change frequently.

Buying a used Maule from Maule Flight is a great experience. You have the knowledge that our experienced and highly-trained staff has gone over your plane with a fine-tooth comb, and have prepared it with safety and reliability as our number one goal. Each used Maule plane undergoes extensive inspection and testing to assure top-level airworthiness and full compliance with the F.A.A. We truly are dedicated to quality and safety in our planes! If you are interested in purchasing any of our used aircraft, please e-mail us, or Contact Us Add this page to your Favorites list, and check back often for updates!

For those new to Maule aircraft, this document lists the specifications of and the differences between the different models.

Current Used Aircraft Listings:
(please refer to inventory number when inquiring)


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