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Timothy C. Klammer, MD
Dr. Timothy Klammer
Dr. Timothy Klammer purchased his 1983 M-6-235 in 1995 and had tailwheel and type training and check-out. He got a new interior, paint, and windows in 1999, and his last visit was in May of 2000 for an engine overhaul. He has been extremely happy with the plane, and with the service he’s received from Maule Flight. Here’s how he rated us:

His comments about us - “I have enjoyed all my trips to Moultrie…excellent work on the plane and friendly people. I purchased my plane from Maule Flight, Inc. six years ago and have had all major work on it done there including new paint and interior. The quality of goods and service is excellent. I hope to continue to enjoy the great hospitality shown me by the Maule Family, although it will be harder now that I have moved to Alaska.  You will find plenty of Maule aircraft here in the bush including me.”

How he rates Maule Flight - Scale of 1-5 (1 is poor, 5 is best)

Customer Service


Quality of Parts


Quality of Service to Airplane



4 (due to location)

Overall Satisfaction


Klammer Flight Training Photo Gallery
Click each image below to see beautiful 800 x 600 images sent to us by Dr. Klammer of his plane in the air and on the ground. We greatly appreciate having these images and his testimonial on our site. He’s a great customer! (our compliments to his photographer, too!)

Dr. Klammer's M-6-235

Standing by his plane...

Dr. Klammer at the controls...

Dr. Klammer's plane in flight...

Dr. Klammer's plane in flight...

Dr. Klammer's plane in flight...


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