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This is a collection of testimonial statements and comments which were taken from the Guest Book we formerly had on the site. We've also included some letters and emails that we've received from clients since.

Date: Jun 6, 2004
Name: Don Bowen
Comments: I am a retired Marine Corps jet fighter pilot, who had not flown any airplane in 25 years. Five years ago I purchased a used MXT7-I80A COMET from an individual, then had an annual inspection done at MAULE FLIGHT. That experience with Ray and Rautgunde Maule and their outstanding staff was indeed satisfying. I have since accumulated over 500 hours in the MAULE, including renewing my long-expired instrument rating proficiency.. The airplane continues to be reliable, easy to fly and maintain - a real "sweetheart !".

Date: Mar 25, 1999
Name: Ed Holst
Email Address:
Comments: Brent (Maule):
It was a pleasure meeting with you and your Dad Friday.  The plane flew wonderfully on the way home, even if I did have a "doe-in-the-headlights" expression on my face staring at all those gizmo's wishing for just a simple CDI! I really want to get closure on the remaining aircraft. Interest here has been tremendous and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. I'll get back with you on the tour of the Lockheed facility.
Ed Holst

Date: Apr 2, 1999
Name: Dennis Rund
Email Address:
Comments: Ray,
I enjoyed the time I spent training in the MX-7-180 in 1994. I especially enjoyed the night flight you and I took. I hope things are going well. I am looking forward to the day I purchase a Maule. Fly safe.

Date: May 6, 1999
Name: Allen McInnish, Jr.
Email Address:
Comments: Dear Ray and Gunde,
Thank you so much for your time and guidance. Denise and I look forward to meeting you both in person and solidifying our entry into the Maule family of pilots and owners. Thanks again. With warmest regards,
Allen and Denise

Date: May 6, 1999
Name: Mike Cirillo
Email Address:
Comments: Ray:
Thanks for the instruction last week. It was informative and insightful. I know that I'm going to love the plane.

Date: Dec 7, 1999
Name: Tad Derouin
Email Address:
Comments: My friend just purchased a Maule this week. This aircraft is incredible, the take off performance data should be changed to Launch Data! My next airplane will be a Maule!

Date: Jan 2, 2000
Name: Richard L. Enarson
Email Address:
Comments: Thank you for a most informative and interesting tour of your facility in Moultrie.
Dick & Jan Enarson

Date: Feb 4, 2000
Name: Danny Moore
Email Address:
Comments: Hey! What a great bunch of people at Maule Air and Maule Flight. I returned a new airplane for warranty work. I came there almost unannounced (left a message on the phone answering machine the night before). Within 30 mins. of arriving at the factory, they had the plane in the factory and had 2 mechanics working on it. There were no questions about the complaints I had with the airplane, and all of my punch list was fully complied with and we are very happy with the results. Most of the problems we thought we had with the airplane, were very very minor adjustments I could have made myself. Not only did the factory comply with all my complaints, they took me to the people who made those parts, or installations, and they fully explained how they worked. I really learned a lot there. My hat is off to all the factory workers and management. They have to be the greatest bunch of people in the industry. Thanks.
Danny Moore

Date: Mar 11, 2000
Name: Alan Sumner
Email Address: S.S.Racing@Juno.Com
Comments: Hello Mr. and Mrs. Ray Maule! Our aircraft is working out beautifully and we are regularly using the techniques you taught us. We are very appreciative of the hospitality you and Mrs. Maule showed to us. If every thing works out I will getting a hold of you for my Biennial Flight Review. God Bless!
Alan and Scott Sumner Honduras, Central America

Date: Aug 25, 2000
Name: Dennis Pekkola
Email Address:
Comments: Hi Ray & Rautunde! Long time no see. I might be interested in one of your new (2001) M-7-260C with SATW. Do you have a prospect for a 1996 M-7-235C with SATW & approx. 475 hours? Look forward to hearing from you.

Date: Oct 26, 2000
Name: Alan Sumner
Email Address: S.S.Racing@Juno.Com
Comments: Hello Ray Maule and Family! We are sure enjoying our MX-7-180 in Honduras. Scott and I think of you all every time we fly and how much your expertise has helped us. Thank you for your hospitality and pray for us. Bye!

Date: Nov 3, 2000
Name: Frederick M. Varricchio
Email Address:
Comments: A special hello to Ray & family. I still have the old 1965 M-4 w/a 210 that my dad and I bought 20yrs ago. It flies and runs the same now as when it was new, I love this airplane---4613tango. Happy to see you guys on line. Please feel free to add me to your e-mail list.
Sincerely Fred Varricchio

Date: Dec 16, 2000
Name: Thomas Bienz
Email Address:
Comments: Dear Rautgunde and Ray
Greetings from Switzerland. Many thanks again for the nice visit. Take care of the swans. See you next year.

About the Guest Book:
We no longer feature the Guest Book on our site, due to the proliferation of e-mail, and because many were using the Guest Book as a way of sending us messages on a variety of topics. For general communications, your best bet is to e-mail us, or contact us. That way, you’ll be sure to get your message to us, and we can respond right away!

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