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Chuck Dressander
Chuck has owned an MX-7-180 for three years, and has had great experiences in working with Maule Flight . He was last in for an annual, and for a pilot bi-annual in June of 2001.

How he rates Maule Flight - Chuck rated us excellent in all catagories , including Customer Service, Quality of Parts, Quality of Service, Convenience, and Overall Satisfaction. We're glad we could live up to that kind of rating!

His comments about us - I am the recipient of excellent service by the Maule staff, beyond what one would normally expect. As a relatively new pilot, I went to Moultrie to earn a taildragger endorsement three years ago. I consider it an honor to have received my bi-annual this year from Ray Maule himself.

I earned my pilot's licence in Alaska, where the taildragger is the plane of choice. Pilots in Alaska advised me that I would get the most plane for the dollar in a Maule. Having received my license in a trigear, I had to find a place to earn my taildragger endorsement. Fortunately, I met the Maules in Oshkosh where they warmly invited me to visit the Maule Flight facility and the
Maule Air factory in Moultrie, Georgia. During the process of earning my taildragger endorsement, I happened to see a 1995 MX-7-180 for sale in the hangar. With my wife's enthusiastic support, I put down a deposit. The Maules recommended places for financing and insurance, making the purchase smooth and possible.

I intend to continue to use Maule Flight’s services for future annuals and pilot proficiency for a number of reasons, including the warmth and friendliness of the Maule family and the superior quality of service and flight training. The maintenance personnel are not above talking to me about the plane and answering fully my every question.

P.S. We wanted the Maule family to know the following: When Chuck and I were given a thorough and interesting tour of the construction of the Maule at the factory during our first visit in 1998, we were touched to see tears in the eyes of older members of the factory staff when they talked about Grandpa (B.D.) Maule. This spoke volumes to us about the kind of family you are and what kind of business you run.

The Dressanders

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