This section will showcase some of the many great testimonials and compliments we’ve received from our customers over the years. We are in the process of adding some of the great testimonials sent to us, and plan to have pictures of each customer with his plane. If you have enjoyed your experience in dealing with Maule Flight, and would like to have your testimonial featured, please
e-mail us, or send us a letter! Be sure to include a picture of you beside your plane, or even seated inside it. Be creative! We look forward to hearing from you and are grateful to everyone who takes the time to drop us a message!

James McDonell
McDonell Testimonial - His comments about his experience with Maule Flight, and a photo gallery of his son Ewan McDonell taking amphibious flight instruction from Ray Maule!

Dr. Klammer
Klammer Testimonial - Dr. Klammer gives us his comments about the service and refurbishing work we’ve done to his M-6-235, along with some gorgeous aerial images!

Dressander Testimonial - Chuck Dressander and his wife comment on their experience getting flight training, purchasing a used plane, and getting a factory tour.

Alan Jackson - Country superstar Alan Jackson takes delivery of his Amphib, and poses with members of the Maule Flight staff (photo only).

Click here to see some testimonials which were taken from the Guest Book we formerly had on the site.

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