What does Maule Flight offer the pilot that other dealers donít? Check out our extensive list of services below. If you need further information, just
e-mail or Contact Us.

Flight Instruction

Bi-Annual Flight Reviews

Tailwheel Endorsement
The A-B-C's of Takeoff & Landing in a Maule MX-7-160

Pilot Checkouts

Pre-Flight Inspection

Aircraft Familiarization


Stall Maneuvers

Crosswind Takeoff/Landing

Short & Soft Field Takeoff/Landing


Minimum Control Airspeed

Wheel Landings

For Maule Owners and Customers:

Annual Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Check Engine, Structural, Lube, Mufflers, Cables, etc.

Auto Gas Conversions

Import / Export C of A (Certificate of Airworthiness)

Complete Repair and Refurbishing of all parts of aircraft (mechanical, interior, exterior, avionics, instruments, etc.)

Float Installation / Conversion

Crash Repair and Inspection

Engine Teardown & Inspection

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