New Aircraft

Buying a new Maule plane from
Maule Flight makes sense from many standpoints. First, you pay the same price as you’d pay anywhere else. Second, you are dealing directly with Raymond Maule, who has a lifetime of experience with Maule planes, and knows them like few others in the world. Third, with Maule Flight, you have access to all the services we provide, such as flight instruction, certification, checkouts, hands-on training with various landing gear configurations, seaplane instruction, as well as a personal level of service you will find with no other dealer. Fourth, our facility is far beyond what other dealers can offer. In-house, we can handle almost any kind of modification, repair, refurbishing, or other improvements you desire in your Maule. You can fly your plane right up to our door for first rate service. We have the facilities and experience to crate your plane up and ship it overseas if you desire. Fifth, we have direct access to the Maule factory for any parts or materials needed in servicing your Maule. No other dealer has so much to offer a Maule owner!

If you are interested in owning one of the amazing new Maule planes, please contact Raymond or Rautgunde (pronounced “Re-gunda”) Maule. Just
e-mail us, or Contact Us, and we’ll show you what owning and flying a Maule is all about!


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