Maule Features
The Maule plane has been built since the 1950ís, first in Napoleon, Michigan, and then the factory moved to Moultrie, Georgia in the 1960ís. Itís design is a tribute to the sound engineering design that B.D. Maule built into each one, right (click to enlarge)up until his death in the mid-1990ís. The Maule boasts an impressive ability for STOL flight characteristics. With performance and utility in mind, the Maule design ensures these planes can land and takeoff where few, if any others can.

The Maule wing is a simple, rugged, all-aluminum structure, designed to withstand high stresses and yield superior aerodynamics. The fuselage is constructed of alloy steel tubing with trusses welded to form an extremely strong cage around the occupants and to provide high strength attachments for the wings, landing gear and tail group. The fuselage and tail are covered with "Ceconite", a synthetic fabric which has a long life and is easily repairable.

The engines are manufactured by Lycoming, with either carburetor or fuel injection. An exciting alternative to that outstanding performance is also available with a turbo-prop version powered by the Allison 250 engine. The two blade propeller manufactured by Hartzell and three blade propeller manufactured by McCauley are available. Instruments, avionics, wheels, brakes and accessories are supplied by well-known manufacturers.

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