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Maule Flight started as a vision that Ray Maule developed in 1970, as a natural offshoot from the growing
Maule Aircraft business started by his father, B.D. Maule in the 1950's. Ray started the business in Michigan, just as B.D. did with Maule Aircraft, and later moved to Moultrie, Georgia in 1978. They finally settled in their current facility in 1985, a huge World War II-era hangar, located at the former Spence Field Air Force Base, just down the ramp from the Maule factory.

Ray envisioned a business that was more than just a dealership operated out of a home or hangar. He wanted a full-service distributorship, which could serve any need the Maule customer might have.

Ray focused not only on sales of new Maules, but used Maules as well. Not content with selling used planes "as is", he wanted to have the ability to completely repair, refurbish, and restore the planes for his customers. He wanted a facility that was large and well-equipped enough to rebuild a Maule from the ground up. He also wanted to address the training needs of his customers, by providing any type of certification, endorsement, or signoff that a pilot might need.

This vision resulted in the Maule Flight of today. Ray has helped thousands of Maule owners get the most out of their flying experience. Maule Flight stands apart as the most unique and specialized Maule dealership.

Read further to learn more about Ray and the Maule Flight staff.

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Ray Maule

Ray Maule - Owner and founder of Maule Flight. Son of B.D. Maule, Ray has a history of working in the Maule business since he was very young. Ray has taught many pilots how to fly over the years, giving them the solid foundation they need to handle taildraggers, trigears, amphibs, floats, and just about anything else.

Rautgunde Maule

Rautgunde Maule - Sales and Administration for Maule Flight. Handles all the day-to-day affairs of the company, deals with customers to serve their needs, and manages many other business aspects of the company.

Kit Wilkes

Kit Wilkes - Chief mechanic -IA with over 15 years experience working with Maule Aircraft. His aircraft ratings are Commercial Single Engine Land and Sea. He is also a factory production test pilot. Kit Wilkes is a record breaking pilot in his own right, and an expert Maule mechanic.


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